FoodCentral welcomes HPP Tolling

HPP Tolling opens Republic of Ireland’s first High Pressure Processing (HPP) central treatment facility in FoodCentral.

HPP Tolling Ltd has opened their first HPP Tolling Station in the National Food Park offering food processors in Ireland convenient access to High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology. HPP Tolling is an innovative company set up by experienced food industry promoter Liam Murphy and George Donohue. The company is supported by Enterprise Ireland, Teagasc and University College Cork.

Making the announcement, Liam Murphy, Director at HPP Tolling, said “High Pressure Processing is an innovative Technology that allows food companies manufacture safer, clean-label preservative free products with extended shelf life. HPP Tolling gives all food companies in Ireland access to these benefits which will greatly support the continued growth and development of the Irish Food Industry at home and abroad”. Speaking on the new addition to Ireland’s National Food Park, William Keeling, MD of FoodCentral, commented, “We’re delighted to welcome HPP Tolling to FoodCentral. They join successful Irish companies, such as Keelings and Donnellys, in locating here. High Pressure Processing (HPP) is a highly innovative method of extending the shelf life of a variety of food and beverage products. The opening of this facility is a significant addition to Foodcentral and Fingal as a whole.”

HPP Tolling will be using the 420 litre capacity system from Hiperbaric, the world leading manufacturer of HPP equipment for the food industry. The plant is located in Ireland’s National Food Park ‘FoodCentral’ St. Margaret’s, Co. Dublin, beside Dublin airport in close proximity to all major road networks as well as Dublin port.

About HPP Technology

HPP technology has been used commercially for over ten years now, mainly in America and mainland Europe and is growing at the rate of 20% per annum. HPP is an innovative technology that simply uses high pressure to safely and naturally inactivate harmful bacteria and viruses in food products whilst having minimal impact on the taste, texture or nutritional quality of the food. No heat, chemicals or preservatives are used in the process.

HPP delivers greatly enhanced food safety while also extending the shelf-life of products up to fourfold. The ability to deliver on both these fronts makes the use of the technology a very attractive proposition for processors, retailers and consumers. HPP also makes possible the production of natural, clean-label preservative free, high quality products which are rapidly growing in popularity with the global food consumers. HPP can be used across a wide variety of foods including Meat, Dairy, Seafood, Fruit, Vegetable Juices and Ready to Eat meals. ,/p>

For further information on FoodCentral contact: William Keeling Tel: 086 0291292

Additional information on HPP Tolling can be found: Or follow the link below for the full press release from HPP Tolling