Chinese Ambassador Mr Luo Linquan Visits FoodCentral

On Friday, Nov 2nd 2012, the Chinese Ambassador to Ireland, Mr Luo Linquan, visited FoodCentral for a tour of the Keelings Pepper and Strawberry facility.

The Ambassador was joined by his wife, Mrs Qiao Li, Ms Zhang Shujing, the Economic and Commercial Counselor, and Mr Daniel Gao, Third Secretary, Economic & Commercial Counsellor's Office.

The Ambassador’s party were given a tour of the FoodCentral facility, including a visit to the Keelings glasshouses where they saw Irish peppers and strawberries still in production. The Ambassador was hugely impressed with the size and scope of the facility.

The visitors were meeting with Keelings, one of the key players located in FoodCentral, who have recently expanded into China with their software system, Keelings Solutions. Keelings Solutions has been successfully deployed in multiple European produce distributors and they’ve recently signed agreements with one of the largest Fresh Produce companies in China.